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In a world where opinionated news, pointless arguments, empty reporting, condescending articles and flattery have come to define journalism,National  The Pillar wants to restore journalism to its true sense. At The Pillar, we believe true journalism is about debate, not opinion, finding facts through investigation, not fake news to support a propaganda and asking hard questions, not surrendering to the people in power.

The Pillar wishes to show you facts the way they are no matter how displeasing or bitter they are, even if they displease the people in power.

“Criticism from government is a badge of honour for journalists”, said Raj Kamal Jha, The Indian Express editor-in-chief mocking ‘selfie’ journalists.

What makes us wonder?
Nothing bothers us more than ignorance and the silence it brings. When an individual turns a blind eye to what is going around him, it’s ignorance. When the society as a whole turns a blind eye, it’s darkness. The Pillar wants to be your beacon of light in that darkness. We want to fight ignorance with awareness.

Delivering Balance 
A greater part of The Pillar’s vision is to be the voice of common people and, thus, publishing content of universal appeal. Of course, you can point fingers if we go too mainstream. But, we will try to maintain the balance as our readers’ base will evolve. We have some substantial standards and value so don’t think that we fall to the level of “Why Salman Khan is angry with this new comer?” or “Why they had divorce after all?”

Our Promise
While those were some tall claims to make, we can guarantee you a few things in our news and reporting: bitter truth, not comforting lies, independent reporting, immunity from corporate onslaught and government intervention and forming your opinion, not presenting ours.